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Adult Fitness & Yoga Classes

(NEW) Kent Athletic & Wellness Center is happy to announce ONLINE Purchase and Registration for classes and programs! We offer various types of aerobic classes, yoga, HIIT and more to members and non-members of the club.

Inquire about our Aerobic Class Membership: $525 for Unlimited Classes for the Year

Purchase BOOKS (12) of tickets or SINGLE class tickets for the following:

Fitness Classes

Book of 12 Tickets:  Members $45  |  Non-Members $60
Single Class:  Members $6  |  Non-Members $8

Yoga Classes

Book of 12 Tickets: Members $65  |  Non-Members $80
Single Class:  Members $8 |  Non-Members $10

See below for our Class Calendar, or read on for individual Class Descriptions!



Please be sure to check for any specific holiday closings and schedule and check our alerts page for any scheduling changes due to weather, sickness, etc.

Cross Training

A combination of basic step, high & low impact aerobics. Participants will improve both their cardiovascular condition and strength through the use of hand weights and floor exercises for abdominals. Instructor: Holly Pearce (Tap for mobile!)

Weights & Step

This class is designed to sculpt the entire body while being low impact with lots of abs and stretching. staff-th-webb Instructor: Patti Webb

Power Hour

An intense combination of body weight, stability ball, dumb-bell, and aerobic conditioning…all coordinated to deliver maximum results. Instructor: Judie Barroll

Boot Camp

A 40 minute class… get in and out on lunch hour. Entire body sculpting with the use of light to heavy weights. staff-th-webb Instructor: Patti Webb

Hatha Yoga

This class develops strength and flexibility while integrating the body and mind. We make use of preparatory and classical poses while moving with the breath, ultimately working towards relaxation and a sense of well being. Tuesday’s class is All Levels. Thursday’s class is Experienced. staff-th-morrison Instructor: Wendy Morrison

Core Yoga

A yoga styled class concentrating on strength and sculpting the core; abdominals, obliques, and low back. Please bring your yoga mat and bare feet. Class closes with stretching and relaxation. staff-th-howard Instructor: Jenny Howard

Body Sculpting

This class is designed to sculpt, slim, and improve muscular fitness. The class begins with a warm-up followed by toning and strengthening work with light weights and mats. Class will end with stretching and cool down. Instructor: Jill Payne

Pumped Up Cardio

A fun, dance-style aerobic workout incorporating light weights and body weight exercises. A medium intensity group class that has evolved from a variety of dance workouts to keep it fun and appropriate for most fitness levels. staff-th-carter Instructor: Gloria Carter

Weight & Cardio Interval

Simple cardio moves using basic step, hi and low impact aerobics with weight intervals using hand weights. Ending with abdominal mat work and stretching. Instructor: Holly Pearce

 H.I.I.T. Bootcamp

A fitness class that utilizes bodyweight movements for strength and cardio benefits. The class is designed as a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) routine. A wide variety of exercises are incorporated such as jumping jacks, variations of the squat and lunge, as well as core and upper-body exercises. The intervals and modification options allow you to exercise within your fitness capabilities. Beginner and Core classes follow similar routine. staff-th-osterhout2 Instructor: Erica Osterhout

Yoga-style Class

A vinyasa-flow style. Students will increase core strength, balance, flexibility, and reduce stress. This class is a moving mediation pairing breath with yoga postures. Beginners and experienced yogis are welcome…only an open mind is required. Instructor: Sarah Smith-Putman

For more information on: Ballet with Becky, Irish Dance with Megan, Karate with Margie, Please call us and we will connect you to the instructor of that program! 410.778.3148